Dalsland-Nordmarken Lake System

1000 lakes and one canal

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Gaby Karlsson Hain

1000 lakes and one canal

From grand to idyllic, from challenging to relaxing. Our lakes are long, deep and clear. They are framed by beautiful nature and small villages. Picturesque, historical locks link the lakes to one of Europe's most beautiful waterways.

A landscape full of lakes

Årjäng is located in one of Sweden's most lake-rich regions. Here you will find the Dalsland-Nordmarken Lake District, an area of almost 10,000 square kilometers with countless lakes connected by the historic, beautiful Dalsland Canal. The area stretches from central Dalsland via Årjäng up to the Norwegian border and is one of Europe's finest waterways with clean air, crystal clear water and beautiful nature. Here you will find a unique infrastructure for canoeing and fantastic conditions for a boat vacation.

A boat going through the locks in Lennartsfors

Canoeing at dawn

Camp fire on one of DANO's camp sites

Explore the Dalsland canal with your own boat

Vår kanal är ingen kanal i traditionell bemärkelse, snarare ett mycket förgrenat sjösystem som sträcker sig från Köpmannebro vid Vänern i söder till Östervallskog vid norska gränsen i norr. Det är 260 kilometer segelbar farled som väntar på dig. Njut av skyddade naturhamnar, mysiga gästhamnar och fantastiskt fina slussmiljöer på din resa. De långsmala, förgrenade sjöarna länkas ihop av ca 12 km konstgjord kanal och 31 slussar vid 17 slusstationer. Ca hälften av Dalslands kanal ligger i Årjängs kommun.

In the Skipper's guide for the Dalsland Canal you will find all the information you need if you want to explore the canal with your own boat.

Here you will find all our guest harbours.

Paddla i sjösystemet Dalsland-Nordmarken

From grand to idyllic, from challenging to relaxing. Our lakes are long, deep and clear. And sometimes so big you feel a little small. Or so narrow that you have the beach just a paddle length away. Welcome to varied canoeing for nature lovers! Explore our beautiful area. Along your journey there are cozy campsites, where you can experience the tranquility of nature. Choose any length and difficulty level you like for your tour – there are lots of possibilities for you to design your perfect canoe trip.

Köp Naturvårdskort

För att underlätta för både kanotister och markägare finns det i dag ett hundratal lägerplatser i sjösystemet. Lägerplatserna har i de flesta fall vindskydd, eldstad och en ekologisk toalett. Under säsongen finns det naturvärdar som servar lägerplatserna och hjälper dig om du har frågor.
För att finansiera denna extra service betalar alla som paddlar en avgift på 60 SEK per person och natt (2022) Barn under 12 år paddlar gratis. Denna naturvårdsavgift går till markägarersättning för upplåtelse av lägerplatser, reparationer, underhåll och tillsyn i området.
By purchasing the Nature Conservation Card, you contribute to a more sustainable canoe tourism in our sensitive nature. You buy the card from our canoe rental companies or online at dalslandnordmarken.se.

Canoe guide and map

The guide book Canoe Country helps you in the planning of your paddle tour. The guide contains detailed map material that shows where to find campsites and other important infrastructure. There is also a Map on a scale of 1:50,000 in water resistant Tyvek material. Canoe Country and the map are easiest to buy online at Dalsland Nordmarken's webshop and of course at our canoe rental companies and tourist offices in the area.

Do you like fishing?

When you are out on a long canoe trip, it can be fun to catch your own fish for supper. There is a special Canoe Fishing License for those who paddle in the Dalsland-Nordmaken lake system.

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